New Supporter Category Added on Patreon!

We’re thrilled to announce that thanks to a couple of folks signing up to contribute at this level, we have now officially added a new $10 per month patron catgeory over at


Our new $10 a month “Bosun” category features a bevy of annual rewards:


Full access to all Patrons Only posts; 

acknowledgement in print in the next book in the series; 

one 10-pack of original Johnny Rocket greeting cards; 

one original Fishhawk & Rocket Whim Sea themed sea shanty zine; 

and, only for supporters at Bosun level and up:

one medium giclee print of a Johnny Rocket original painting or illustration.


If you haven’t already done so, please consider signing aboard this voyage with us as a patron. We have a wide range of options available, from as little as $1/month to $50 or more, with all sorts of fun rewards, access to bonus content, and extras along the way.


In addition to bringing on our Bosuns, we’ve retooled and added to the rewards for other categories—if you’re a longtime patron, you might take a look and see what you’ll be getting different this year, and if you’ve considered joining us before, now’s the time.


We are busy building the next book in the series and we cannot wait to show you what whacky, wild Whim Sea vistas are waiting just over the horizon!


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