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Billy & Tugboat Sallyforth

Billy lived in a driftwood shanty in a windy little village on Bought A Knee Bay, right on the rim of the Wide Whim Sea.  Every morning, rain or shine, sleet or snow, Billy said goodbye to his family and slipped out the wooden gate, then ran down the windblown walkway between the dunes to reach the shore of the sea. 

Some days, Billy would help the fisherfolk from the village with their nets. Other days, he would walk the beach looking for treasures for a while, then hike up the hill into the village and help out with the work at his mother and father’s pub in the center of town. But most days, Billy would set sail on the calm green waters of Bought A Knee Bay in his boat, the Tugboat SallyForth.

Whim Sea Waves

“Whim Sea Waves” is a web comic featuring characters and settings from the weird and wild World of the Wide Whim Sea. You can find some of the people, places, and things featured here in /Billy & Tugboat SallyForth/, a new first-in-a-series book for children of all ages from co-creators Fishhawk & Rocket.

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Where? Third House Books 400 NW 10th Ave Gainesville, FL 32601

When? November 19, 2022, 

What? Interactive Storytime for Kids of All Ages. Featuring a pirate treasure chest full of costumes and props to play along with!

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